Volkswagen Has Revealed an Adventurous Off-Road Concept Car Called the ID Xtreme

 The German car company Volkswagen has revealed a punchy off-road concept car called the ID Xtreme, based on the ID 4 GTX. This is to test public opinion for a more adventurous line of ID cars. As the world progresses and people become more open to electric vehicles, companies such as Volkswagen want to make sure they are ahead of the game by providing what the public wants.

The ID Xtreme is still in its concept stages, so many of the details are not yet set in stone. However, we do know that it will be an all-electric vehicle with four-wheel drive capabilities. It is said to have around 302 horsepower and a range of up to 260 miles. Public opinion will help Volkswagen decide whether or not to produce a line of ID cars with more off-road capabilities or if they should stick to city-driving vehicles.

Volkswagen introduced its first all-electric SUV back in 2019, called the ID 3. Since then, they have released a few other EVs, such as the ID 4 and the Crozz. The Crozz is an SUV that is meant for city driving and has some off-roading capabilities, but nothing too extreme. The Xtreme would be a step up from that if it were to enter production.

This concept car was revealed at the Worthersee Tour, which is an annual VW fan gathering in Reifnitz, Austria. This event usually showcases new VW clothes, merchandise, and sometimes even cars. This year was different due to COVID-19, so the event was held virtually. Even though it was online, fans were still able to get a good look at the ID Xtreme, thanks to high-quality images and videos that were released.


Do you think Volkswagen should produce a more adventurous line of ID cars? Or do you think they should stick to EVs that are meant for city driving? Let us know in the comments! No matter what your opinion is, it’s exciting to see companies like Volkswagen branching out and exploring new technologies and designs.

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