Volvo 2022 Car Price in UK

This blog is all about the latest Volvo 2022 Car Price in UK. Volvo has launched different models and variants of Volvo cars and SUV in UK in 2022 which are Volvo 2022 SUV XC60 Recharge (Plug-in Hybrid), Volvo 2022 Estate V90 Recharge (Plug-in Hybrid), Volvo 2022 Estate V60 Recharge (Plug-in Hybrid), Volvo 2022 Crossover XC40 Recharge (Pure Electric), and 2022 Volvo Sedan S90 Recharge (Plug-in Hybrid). Volvo 2022 Car Price in UK ranges from £39,100 to £67,850 depending on what model you want to buy.

About Volvo

The Volvo Group is a multinational manufacturing company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo provides maritime and industrial drive systems, as well as financial services, in addition to its primary function of manufacturing, distributing, and selling trucks, buses, and construction equipment. It was the world’s second largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in 2016.

Volvo Cars, which is also situated in Gothenburg, was a component of AB Volvo until 1999, when it was sold to Ford Motor Company. Volvo Cars has been owned by the Geely Holding Group, a Chinese multinational automobile company, since 2010. The Volvo logo is used by both AB Volvo and Volvo Cars, and the two companies work together to maintain the Volvo Museum in Sweden.

2022 Volvo SUV XC40 Recharge (Plug-in Hybrid)£39,100
2022 Volvo Crossover XC40 Recharge (Pure Electric)£44,800
2022 Volvo SUV XC40 Recharge (Pure Electric)£43,550
2022 Volvo Estate V60 Recharge (Plug-in Hybrid)£48,380
Volvo Car 2022 Price List

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